Wall Upright Display Cabinets – Vancouver Canada

The display cabinet in the photo below was made for a company called (Ola Fit For Life)  These kinds of wall upright display cabinets are extremely well received by our customers because of its modern and clean appearance.

This particular wall upright display cabinets was made having the bottom panel back-lit as you can see in the photo.


Wall Display Cabinets

Our wall upright display cabinets have the option to be build in various sizes and colors.

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Modern Artifact Display Cabinets

As a museum curator or designer trying to source a glass display case builder is not always that easy.  There are many companies to choose from and many options to consider. When looking for a custom display cabinet with the latest finishes to achieve a specific look, you should always try to source out a manufacture in your own country.   We have been fortunate enough to have 2 factories in the USA and 1 in Canada which gives us the ultimate flexibility when it comes to servicing our customers.  Our website and catalog offers different categories of glass cabinets that cover many of our display needs.  Some of the more common categories are tower cases, wall showcases, jewelry cabinets, cash counters, mall kiosks and retail carts. By the same standard all the custom options will be listed.   A reliable display case builder will find out what you display needs are and will prepare various options where you are able to choose from.  Our representatives will work within your budget and will try to accommodate you with their years of  expertise in this industry.

Museum Display Cases

Museum Showcases


When a museum contacts us to build counters we make them in all kinds of sizes and colors.  These large museum counters are used to display some of the most valuable art affects in the world and are therefore build to last.  The materials we use for our Museum Counter Display Cabinets are high grade and specifically used in the best museums and galleries around the world.

All of our Museum Counter Display Cabinets are designed by top designers and build by the best carpenters available in the USA.

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Below are a few examples of counters and pedestal display cabinets that our company has made recently.

Museum Counter Display Cabinets

Museum Counter Display Cases

Museum Vitrines

Museum Display Case


Our range of trade show display cabinets is very extensive and so are the materials we use to make our display cabinets.

The line of glass display cabinets we design and manufacture for event and trade shows is normally made out of our

aluminum or steel extrusion and the glass showcases are made to last a VERY long time.

Some of these kinds of event cabinets include counters, floor cases and our most famous line…..(Mannequin Display Cabinets)

Mannequin Display Cases

Trade Show Display Cabinets

Counter Display Showcase 392 Counter Display Showcase 384

Trade Show Display Cases and Cabinets made in the USA.


Jewelry Display Cabinets

More and more jewelry businesses are upgrading their glass jewelry cabinets to be modern and much simpler.  These days glass display cabinets are far more militaristic and simpler in design.  It is no longer about the display case but about what is on display.  The less the customer can see how the display case looks probably the better.

Therefore our display cabinet designs are very modern and build with the tinniest and finest materials.

Some examples of our glass cabinets are shown below.

Pedestal Display Cabinets

Counter Display Cabinets

Counter Display Showcase 371


Below are a few renderings of mannequin display cabinets we manufacture.

Custom Designed Display Cabinets

Custom Display Cabinets


Glass Tower Display Cabinets

Below are a few photos of glass tower display cabinets that are great to be used in pretty much any kind of retail business environment.

Tower Showcases

Tower Display Cases

Tower 287 Tower 313 Tower 362

Glass Jewelry Display Cases

Our new designer Deyanira has made a few wonderful counter and pedestal display case designs that have been added to our jewelry display case catalog.  These new designs are part of our classic and economy line display case catalogs and are now available for purchase.

When speaking to our sales representatives please ask to see the new jewelry display case catalog with the June 2016 update.

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Counter & Table Top Display Cases

These designs listed below our the latest few counter top display case designs we have added to our economy line catalog.

Table Top Display Cases

Counter Top Showcases


Tower Display Cases – New Designs

Come take a look at our new custom made tower display case designs.

Tower Display Cabinets

Tower Showcases

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